Nikki Haley in Columbia

Washington, March 17 (News India)-Nikki Haley, currently the only Indian-American Governor in the U.S., on Thursday backed Ted Cruz in the race for the White House, boosting his campaign against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump after Marco Rubio bowed out of the contest.
The 44-year-old South Carolina Governor had earlier endorsed and campaigned for Senator Rubio, who dropped out of the race on Tuesday after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Mr. Trump in his home State of Florida.
Ms. Haley, who has not yet made an official announcement to endorse 45-year-old Mr. Cruz, told reporters that she hoped that the Senator would emerge as the Republican presidential nominee.
“Ask me when the time comes again, but as of now I strongly believe I will support the Republican nominee,” Ms. Haley was quoted as saying by a local newspaper.
“The only thing I can say now is my hope and my prayer is that Senator Cruz can come through this. That’s who, privately, I am fighting for,” Ms. Haley said.
Mr. Cruz is currently lagging far behind frontrunner Mr. Trump in the delegate count and unlikely to cross the halfway mark of 1237 delegates but Ms. Haley thinks otherwise.
“I do see a path for (Mr. Cruz), because I think he’s been solid and strong the entire way. I think that he has been disciplined in the way that he has done it,” she said.
Ms. Haley is currently the only Indian-American governor in the U.S. after Bobby Jindal, the two-time Governor of Louisiana, completed his term in January 2016.

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