Parvej Musharraf

Parvej MusharrafIslamabad, May 18 (News India)- Pakistan has rejected former military ruler Pervez Musharraf’s demands of military security and safe passage to Dubai to face his high treason trial, saying an “absconder” cannot give conditions and “dictate his prerequisites” to the court.
The federal government yesterday told a special court that being an absconder for high treason, Musharraf, 73, cannot seek any relief until he surrenders before the court which is trying him in the high treason case.
“An absconder cannot dictate his prerequisites to the court and give conditions, that too his own subjective satisfaction, as to when he will appear and for how long,” the government said in its response.
However, the government said it was willing to provide “all due security” to Musharraf “as per his entitlement”.
The court will resume proceedings in the high treason trial on May 19. Musharraf imposed emergency in 2007 by suspending the constitution, which is a high treason according to the constitution in Pakistan and carries maximum death penalty.

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