A man convicted for the gang rape of a Danish woman

A man convicted for the gang rape of a Danish womanNew Delhi, June 10 (News India)- Five rapists of a 52-year-old Danish woman will have to spend the remainder of their lives in prison, a Delhi court ordered today, saying their “inhuman” and “brutal” acts of abduction and gang rape in 2014 put a stigma on the reputation of the nation.
Rejecting a plea for award of minimum sentence of 20-year jail instead of a term for rest of the life, the court said “it was for convicts to respect the lady, especially when she was a tourist” and by their act, they have put “a stigma” on the country’s reputation. “They do not deserve any leniency,” it said.
Those awarded the sentence are: Mahendra (27), alias Ganja, Raju (24), Mohd Raja and Raju Chakka (both 23) and Arjun (22). They were held guilty of gang rape, dacoity, kidnapping, wrongful confinement and criminal intimidation under various sections of the IPC.
Three other suspects in the case are being examined by a Juvenile Justice Board as they were below the age of 18. Shyam Lal (56), the ninth person arrested in the case, died during the trial.
The accused gang-raped and robbed the 52-year-old victim at knife-point near the New Delhi railway station on January 4, 2014.
While sentencing them for the offence of gang rape, the court also awarded varying jail terms to them for other offences for which they were held guilty.
Besides the victim’s testimony identifying three of the nine culprits, the court lent credence to the scientific evidence that included the DNA and FSL reports and the eyewitness account of a gardener as clinching evidence to ascertain the identity of all convicts.
Ruling out the defence counsel’s charge of “fabrication” under “media pressure”, the court held the “most vital evidence” to connect all these men with the crime was the DNA report and there was no possibility of any manipulation in medical examination and DNA report prepared in foreign land (Copenhagen in Denmark). It said the DNA profile generated from the victim’s clothes matched the DNA profile of the convicts’ samples, making it “clear that the accused committed the offence”.

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